Wildlife Center Amphitheater Improvements

Georgia Southern University

In 1997, Georgia Southern University opened the Center for Wildlife Education on the campus in Statesboro, Georgia. This facility is one of the leading wildlife education centers in the state with an impact far beyond the university. Over 17,500 children and adults visit the Center each year to participate in wildlife and environmental education programs. Renovations to the existing Amphitheater, updates to the walkways, and the construction of the “Duck Camp” exhibit space will enhance the Center’s ability to educate participants on numerous species of wildlife native to Georgia, their habitats, and the impact humans have on the environment.

Tim Stillwell, Associate Director of Construction, Georgia Southern University

Quote Marks

We had a vision and a budget for what we wanted, and your team made it happen. The revival of the existing amphitheater at the Center as well as the construction of the Duck Camp, a unique facility, will allow the programs to continue to flourish. From a sketch and brainstorming sessions, your team solved the complex details and delivered exactly what we were looking for. We were extremely excited about the possibility of using reclaimed materials from some old barns on another site to build the duck camp, you felt it could be done and again you delivered. Your team showed the skill and craftsmanship required to turn that old barn material into a high-tech interactive display area that is now something truly special.