Tattnall Hospital Addition Phase III

Optim Medical Center-Tattnall, in Reidsville, Georgia, is a premier, physician-owned healthcare facility specializing in orthopedics, neurosurgery, and pain management. Garbutt Construction Company worked daily alongside GMC Architecture to enhance the capabilities of this growing facility with new operating rooms, updated recovery areas, surgical prep space, and sterile medical storage areas. This project required intense planning and coordination from all parties since it was completed while the facility was occupied and functional, with surgeries proceeding in rooms directly adjacent to the construction area. The construction was scheduled to ensure not a single surgery or daily hospital operation was disrupted, even when the envelope of the building was being removed and additions made to it. This project has allowed Optim to better serve their patients with enhanced facilities. 

Michael Kump, RA, Vice President – Facility Development 

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Your team’s commitment to excellence in construction management was no doubt the driving force behind the success of the Tattnall Hospital Addition Phase III. All construction projects come with challenges but building an addition directly adjacent to active operation rooms and the post anesthesia care unit presents a unique complexity that your team handled with great skill and professionalism.