Old Governor’s Mansion Rehabilitation

The Old Governor’s Mansion is a National Landmark and has been credited as being one of the finest examples of Greek revival architecture in the United States. It was designed by Charles Cluskey and was built in the late 1830s. Until the Civil War, it served as the home to Georgia’s governors and as a centerpiece to state government. After Georgia’s seat of government moved to Atlanta, the Mansion was acquired by Georgia College and served as a dormitory in the late 1800s. As construction manager, Garbutt | Christman provided complete pre-construction planning services including estimating, scheduling, phasing, and bid packaging.

Construction phase construction management services included self-performance of selective demolition and carpentry trades. In addition, services included a complete museum-quality interior and exterior restoration. The original façade was restored, including the removal of pain, replacement of delaminated stucco and the reintroduction of false mortar joints to give the appearance of stone. The roof was replaced with terne-coated stainless steel. New construction included a 1424 sf visitor’s center/education building, a building to house public restrooms and a kitchen to store warming equipment for catered events.

Dubose Porter, House of Representatives, Old Governor’s Mansion

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The Old Governor’s Mansion in Milledgeville, GA is known throughout the state and the southeast as an example of preserving historical structures through innovative problem-solving in the construction industry. This difficult project was restored and managed to perfection by Garbutt Construction and your firm needs to be commended for your efforts.