Irish Gifted Academy Renovation

Dublin, Georgia

Garbutt Construction Company was selected by the Dublin City School District to transform a former gymnasium into the home of the Irish Gifted Academy. There are approximately 100 students in the gifted program, and with the separate space, they will be in smaller classes and receive more individualized attention from their teachers who can better recognize each student’s academic strengths. The newly reconfigured space provides a centralized location for the growing program. In addition to the revamped interior layout, major components of this renovation included a new HVAC system, electrical and plumbing upgrades, roofing, and waterproofing, along with new lighting and finishes. Specific renovations addressed ADA requirements, most notably incorporating a new wheelchair lift giving access to each level of the building.

Frederick C. Williams, Superintendent of Dublin City Schools

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As the Irish Gifted Academy has experienced tremendous growth, Garbutt Construction certainly demonstrated the ability and professionalism to meet Dublin City Schools high standards for quality and workmanship, as well as a tight time schedule for project completion.