Planning and pre-construction services are underway for two Middle Georgia State University buildings. The renovation of Dillard Hall and Roberts Library, two vital facilities of Middle Georgia State’s Cochran campus, is led by Garbutt Construction Company as construction manager.

The overall intent of the project is to optimize the use of the space by organizing functions between and within the two facilities, uniting the two buildings according to like-purposes. The renovation of Dillard Hall is focused primarily on the first floor of the original section of the 1958 building. This area is designated to be the new home for the expanding Nursing and Occupational Therapy Assistant Programs.

Roberts Library will undergo selective renovations and re-purposing on each of its three stories. Code compliance upgrades are anticipated to be a major component of the work scope for Roberts Hall, including an elevator for the building. Space re-allocations throughout the building will result in enhanced and expanded space for study, collaboration, and lounge area.

Adam McEachern is the project manager dedicated to this mid-century modernization project. Lean Construction methodologies are anticipated to be a driving force in the timely completion of Dillard Hall and Roberts Library.