December 8, 2017

Dublin, Georgia – Charles E. Garbutt, CEO of Garbutt Construction Company, is pleased to announce the release of his new book titled “LEAN Construction, A Small Contractor’s Journey.” The book published in partnership with ForbesBooks highlights Garbutt’s 42 year rise to success in the construction industry sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. The publication reveals details from Garbutt’s story and how lessons learned shaped Garbutt Construction Company, a now notable construction firm in Georgia. Readers will learn how Garbutt survived the plague that 75% of construction contractors in America face today in that they typically do not survive business longer than five years. They will also learn actionable steps for becoming a team-player in the construction environment when working with owners, design professionals, and subcontractors.

The book deeply explores what Garbutt describes as “the most profound impact on the industry in his career,” Lean Construction. Expert insights on Lean construction described in the book include:

• Encountering and Implementing Lean
• Value and Waste in the Construction Industry
• Bottom Up: Pull-Planning and the Last Planner System
• Collaboration and Accountability
• Continuous Improvement

Since the authoring of his book, Garbutt and his team have continued their Lean course. Garbutt, a certified Lean Instructor by the Associated General Contractors of America, continues to train professionals on LEAN both inside and outside of the Garbutt organizations. His passion for a leaner construction industry show tremendously in his service. His new book speaks directly to both age-old issues and new emerging issues that face construction in today’s fast paced economy. In conjunction with the book’s release, a signing will be held in Dublin, Georgia, the author’s home and place of business. The event will be held at the Georgia Military College Dublin Campus in the Historic Skyscraper, one of Garbutt Construction’s newly revitalized properties on January 30, 2018, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. To learn more about Garbutt’s services on LEAN construction and training availability contact JCharlie Garbutt at or 478-272-4410.

About Charlie Garbutt
Charlie Garbutt is a visionary in the construction industry with over forty years’ experience building, renovating, and preserving structures. Charlie graduated in 1972 from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in building science. He founded his company, Garbutt Construction, in 1976 and has led it continuously ever since. General contractors come and go all the time, and Charlie is proud to lead a business with such staying power. Garbutt’s success was built on a foundation of core values that put integrity, respect, and collaboration first, values that come directly from Mr. Garbutt himself. Known for his attention to detail, Charlie is a profound process manager and works to lead the industry in new methods for project efficiency.

About Garbutt Construction Company
Garbutt Construction Company is a well-respected commercial builder in the Southeast who offers clients a unique combination of know-how and extensive construction experience. New, renovated or restored facilities including detention facilities, medical complexes, libraries, schools, theaters, wellness and fitness centers, county courthouses, and special state/city landmarks are a few examples of finished projects. The firm operates out of their Dublin headquarters in Middle Georgia, home to the organization since 1976. To learn more, visit