Dublin, Georgia.

On April 30, 2018, graduates of the Associated General Contractors of Georgia (AGC) Supervisory Training Program (STP) through Oconee Fall Line Technical College were honored for completing this program which is designed to prepare current construction and contracting employees for a certified supervisory role.

The ceremony recognized nine graduates: Donnie Beasley, Matthew Bradshaw, Michael Burlin, Manuel Hall, Kris Kratchen, Vance Lively, Daniel Miller, Gary McDaniel, and Brian Stokes. Also recognized were twenty-three “Unit Completers” who are students who have completed several, but not all units of the program and are expected to graduate with the next STP class. The unit completers were: James Blount, Andrew Dobbs, Kelvin Epps, Justin Lee, Derrick Manning, Anthony Powell, Josh Powell, Ronda Sawyer, John Rogers, Sara Kammeyer, Eddie Sasser, Harrison Parker, Jamey Wilson, Matthew Weekley, Mackie Paulk, Mark Cundiff, Olivia Stroud, Zachary Davis, William Crawford, Doug Bethea, Eldridge Harrell, Tracy Lively, and Julie Ellington.

Graduates and Unit Completers were presented their certificates by Dr. Lloyd Horadan, OFTC President, who praised graduates for their hard work and the success of the program.
“I am especially pleased to be a part of the unique partnership of the Associated General Contractors of Georgia and Oconee Fall Line Technical College. The cornerstone of this partnership is the commitment to prepare the construction industry for the future. We are doing this by preparing the most talented within the industry to carry the highest quality building and managing skills into the future.”
During the eight-month long program, participants met at OFTC, a convenient location as it is central to the state, to learn from 15 instructors who shared invaluable insight on the most effective approaches to leadership in the construction industry. Because the program is designed for current employees in the construction industry, the training modules focus on leadership, oral and written communication, planning and scheduling, and understanding contract documents.

Among the instructors were Charlie Garbutt and Sean Moxley of Garbutt Construction Company. Mr. Garbutt was instrumental in bringing the program to OFTC and Garbutt enrolls employees in the STP every year.
“I believe in the purpose of the program, so I was happy to offer my time and knowledge to its upstart. I am proud to have Garbutt employees participate in this great curriculum and I encourage any individual in the industry seeking to move up into a leadership role to go through this program.”

For more information about OFTC’s Supervisory Training Program, please contact Roger Byrd at rbyrd@oftc.edu.